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                  Fiber Asphalt Chip Sealer (4 in 1)

                  The LMT5316TFCW is a fiber Asphalt Chip Sealer (4 in 1). It is a new variety of road maintenance equipment developed by METONE and is primarily used in the construction of road surface layers or stress absorption intermediate layer (SAMI). It effectively solves cracking in road surfaces, and extend the service life of the road.

                  Features of Fiber Asphalt Chip Sealer (4 in 1)
                  1. Excellent stress absorption and dispersion capacity
                  2. High wear resistance
                  3. High water resistance
                  4. High stability
                  5. Fast construction speed

                  Performance of Fiber Asphalt Chip Sealer (4 in 1)
                  1. Improve the tensile strength of the road above 30%
                  2. Improve the anti-fatigue resistance of the road more than 30%
                  3. Rutting resistance of the road can be increased more than 30%

                  The fiber Asphalt Chip Sealer (4 in 1) can be used as:
                  1. The stress absorbing layer between new roadbed and surface layers prevents reflection cracks.
                  2. It provides a wearing layer between old and new asphalt pavement, which can be used for preventive maintenance on the road.
                  3. Under-sealed layer of different road grades.
                  4. Bridge waterproof layer.
                  5. It also can be used for reconstruction of old cement pavement.

                  Technical Parameters
                  Name Fiber Asphalt Chip Sealer (4 in 1)
                  Model LMT5316TFCW
                  Trade mark METONG
                  Dimension (length/width/height mm) 12000×2498×3730
                  Tank volume (m3/density) 6
                  Chassis ZZ1317N3867D1H
                  Manufacturer SINOTRUK
                  Vehicle type High top 8×4 rear drive
                  Working speed(km/h) 3-4
                  Maximum flow of asphalt pump (L/r) 1.85
                  Maximum spreading width (m) 4
                  Asphalt spreading volume (L/m2) 0.6-3.0
                  Fiber silo capacity (m3) 4
                  Fiber spreading width (m) 0.1-4.0
                  Fiber cutting length ( ㎜ ) 30/60/120
                  Fiber spreading volume (g/m2) 30-100
                  Drive system Hydraulic drive
                  Maximum pressure of hydraulic system (MPa) 20
                  Heat preservation way of asphalt pump Heat transfer oil
                  Cleaning way High pressure air cleaning and diesel cleaning