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                  Asphalt Paver Finisher(Model SUM820/SUM820YE)

                  Asphalt Paver Finisher, Crawler Asphalt Paver

                  The SUM820 and SUM820YE crawler asphalt pavers are the latest multifunctional road pavers developed by our company. These road construction vehicles can be widely used for paving the subbase course, substrate and the surface of freeways, urban roads, airport pavements, parking lot ground and industrial sites. Configured with a longer screed, the crawler asphalt paver is able to achieve maximum paving width of 9m and maximum paving thickness of 400mm.

                  1. The 175kW engine used in our road paving equipment is of low fuel consumption, low exhaust emission and low noise.
                  2. A low-noise independent composite heat dissipation system driven by hydraulic power enables our crawler asphalt paver to work under high temperature up to 55°C.
                  3. The CAN bus-based electronic paving management system guarantees accurate operation parameters of this asphalt finisher.

                  Parameters of Crawler Asphalt Paver
                  Vehicle model SUM820 SUM820YE
                  Engine model BF6M1013ECP BF6M1013ECP
                  Engine power (kW) 175 175
                  Rated speed of engine (r/min) 2000 2000
                  Cooling method Water cooling Water cooling
                  Diesel tank capacity (L) 280 280
                  Exhaust gas emission Europe Stage II/China II Europe Stage II/China II
                  Paving productivity (theoretical value) (t/h) 1000 900
                  Paving thickness (maximum) (mm) 400 300
                  Paving speed (m/min) 0-20 0-20
                  Travel speed (km/h) 0-3.6 0-3.6
                  Crawler length (mm) 3085 3085
                  Crawler width (mm) 325 .325
                  Hopper capacity (t) 16 16
                  Scraper conveyor belt 2 2
                  Scraper conveyor belt speed (m/min) 18.8 18.8
                  Spiral charge distributor 2 2
                  Revolving speed of spiral charge distributor (r/min) 0-150 0-150
                  Diameter of charge distributor (mm) 360/420/500 360/420
                  Machine dimension (L×W×H) (mm) 6659×2500×3966 (3072 transportation height) 6940×3000×3966 (3072 transportation height)
                  Minimum operating width (m) 2.5 3.0
                  Maximum operating width (m) 9.0 9.0
                  Machine voltage (V) 24 24
                  Heating method Propane gas heating Electrical heating
                  Machine weight (kg) 17025 17025

                  Pictures of Construction Cases