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                  Soil Stabilizer (Model WBZ21)

                  The WBZ21 soil stabilizer is a piece of dedicated road construction equipment we developed. It is mainly used to mix the foundation materials on the spot in the construction of roads, airports, urban buildings, etc.

                  1. Our soil stabilizer adopts powerful and reliable CUMMINS NTA855-C360 engine.
                  2. Both the mixing and traveling system employ closed hydrostatic transmission system to achieve stepless speed regulation. The hydraulic parts we use are world-famous products with high working efficiency and stability.
                  3. The APA (Automatic Power Allot) function provides overload protection and high impact resistance for the soil stabilizer, making the machine has a longer lifespan.
                  4. Hydraulic mechanisms are used in this environmental sanitation equipment to control the steering of the front wheel, the lifting of the rotor and rotor arm, as well as the open and close of the rotor hood tail gate.
                  5. The low pressure off-the-road tyres greatly increase the tractive power of the soil stabilizer.
                  6. Our stabilized soil mixing machine has falling object protective structures and anti-rolling devices.
                  7. The double-sealed cab is equipped with cooling & heating air conditioner, creating a safe and comfortable working environment for the operator.

                  Main Parameters
                  Soil stabilizer model WBZ21
                  Engine model NTA855-c360
                  Engine output/speed (kW/hp) 258/350
                  Rated engine speed (r/min) 2000
                  Max. drum speed (r/min) 135
                  Milling & mixing rotor operating width (mm) 2000
                  Milling & mixing rotor operating depth (mm) 350
                  Milling & mixing rotor tool number (pcs) 160
                  Rotation direction of the operating rotor Reverse
                  Max. traveling speed (km/h) 24
                  Operating speed (km/h) 0-3.3
                  Min. turning radius (mm) 7500
                  Approach angle (°) 19
                  Departure angle (°) 16.5
                  Min. ground clearance (mm) 380
                  Tires (front/rear) 2×2
                  Dimension (L×W×H) (mm) 8530×3128×3500

                  Pictures of Construction Cases